Lucian Niculescu is an multidisciplinary visual artist specialized in graphic design, photography, motion and print graphics, with a touch of photo manipulation and matte painting.

Right now, he’s acting as a full time freelancer in design and photography area, travels the world, spending quality time with great people and, sometimes, skippering sailing yachts and DJ-ing his favorite electronic music.


Born in the 80’s, in a communist Romania, Lucian spent his childhood between Brasov – his hometown, an old citadel in Transylvania – and Bran, a traditional village famous for the renowned Dracula’s Castle.

Lucian’s favorite activities as a kid were playing hide and seek in creative surroundings like abandoned railway wagons from the train depot near his home, exploring the surrounding grounds and forests of Dracula’s Castle and, sometimes, listening to stories from his grandparents, both WW2 veterans.

The defining moment in Lucian’s life came with his first computer which later became his lifelong passion and a gateway to new ideas and knowledge, and his first Nikon camera. In 2002, Lucian embarked on an passionate adventure in graphic design, from freelancing or taking part in photo manipulation and matte painting contests, to print work and motion design.

After he graduated from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science University, he moved to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and enrolled in a Communication and Advertising Masters program. Subsequently he was working at some of the most acclaimed local digital agencies. That’s also when he started experiencing recognition for his creative work winning multiple local Creative and Digital Awards.

Continuously inspired by the global art movement, he lived through all the phases of the cultural shift that marked the transition from a Communist era to a modern world. Lucian took advantage of this shift as a unique form of expression and an occasion to understand and experience new ideas and styles. This experience continuously enriched his design and allowed him to drive change and push boundaries in the local design space.

This page contains digital bits of visual experiences from a spectator at the edge of a physical and imaginary border of cultures and civilizations, a photo journey of life and passions.

If you want to say “Hi”, talk about the pictures on this website or you simply want to know more about Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania or Romania, please drop him a line here: lucian.niculescu@gmail.com

by Ioana Buru

by Ioana Buru